Saturday, 2 June 2018

Evil is good mutated.

Uruguayan Air Force flight 571 with 45 souls aboard which crashed in 1972
Uruguayan Air Force flight 571

Guys, please spare some time to read this and share your comment. I had a debate over this all afternoon with some comrades.

This is about the crash of the Uruguayan Air Force flight 571 in 1972. You can get a full article about it on this clicking here

But I would give a summary nonetheless and highlight the bone of contention.

The aircraft had 45 souls on board, 40 passengers and 5 crew members, it was conveying members of a rugby union team and their relatives, thus almost everyone aboard were friends. The aircraft crashed on a mountainous area at a high altitude which implied a lot of snow. The aircraft like the snow was white making rescue missions futile since the rescue teams couldn't detect the crash and it's survivors from the normal snow-white environment. Food was scares and the little amount of food on the aircraft was soon consumed. The condition of the terrain meant no animals or plants could survive on it to allow hunting or gathering of any edible plant parts. Starving, the survivors ate the leather from seats of the aircraft and other unpalatable, unhealthy parts of the aircraft though aware the chemicals in those inedible materials they ingested were potentially harmful to their bodies. To get water, the survivors devised a means to melts snow though amid temperatures below zero degree Celsius. When eating leather was no more possible, the team of mostly Christian humans began to feed on their dead friends and relatives for energy and to satisfy the course of survival. Even the most ardent Christians among them couldn't bear it once hunger took then from ground state into energy levels too close to infinity. Well at last they were rescued having been kept alive by being cannibals, feeding on their own friends.

Now the bone of contention is, was it wrong both from human standpoint and divine standpoint to eat the carcass of the dead relatives and friends?

Personally, if I were in that aircraft and ailing close to death, I would encourage my colleagues to eat me for their well being. This enforces my idea that everything is good and evil is good mutated, that is evil is good abused. Cannibalism to me isn't a sin unless abused, murder isn't a sin unless abused. Infact, capital punishment is accepted murder, even God used capital punishment on many people in the Bible. What do you think guys?

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Argument For A Prime Cause Of The Universe

The natural universe doesn't have a "nothing"
Does "nothing" really exist in the universe? 
Mainstream science has made a great discovery these days that has ground breaking consequences. The discovery that the layman's idea of "nothing" is just an idea of the mind which has no bearing in the natural universe. What the layman perceives as a vacuum void of air or any other form of matter is actually not a "nothing" but it is indeed a quantum field. This discovery has a huge role to play in the argument that infinite causes exist in the natural world or universe.

Well, I have been on the topic concerning "first cause" or prime cause for a while and one of the rebuttals I got was about guys saying there's an infinite regress and thus can't be a first cause. In the natural world, infinity doesn't exist.

"Infinity is the characteristic of God according to Christians and is a supernatural thing", I will explain that.

If we keep adding 6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6, however long we add, the answer we arrive at has never been infinity. No natural being has ever added things up and arrived at infinity. Infinity is basically just an idea in the mind to a natural being, it isn't achievable in the natural world.

The question of infinite causes cannot arise.

Let me make this mathematics about infinity a bit simple. It is said that infinity is achieved if we divide a natural number by zero. You know the problem there is that zero implies nothing and in the natural universe or world we know, "nothing" actually doesn't exist. Nothing is an unnatural, something less than natural. Show me "nothing" if you think I am wrong.

If there's no "nothing" in the natural universe or world, you cannot achieve infinity. If zero in actual sense doesn't really exist in the universe, infinity doesn't exist either.

Infinite causes cannot be.

(c) Eterigho Oghenekome Humphrey.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Is The Universe Eternal?

The universe isn't eternal.
Is the universe eternal?

Well recently I made a post about logically proving God exists and I included something about the universe beginning to exist and thus needing a cause, which is quite the first line of the Kalam cosmological argument.

I received many rebuttals but the rebuttal that made sense to me was guys saying the universe is eternal or has no beginning.

Here I will tell why the universe had a beginning and is not eternal. This is part of enforcing my previous post about logically proving God.

The universe is defined as all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy.

If the universe is all of space and time, then the universe has a beginning because time itself has a beginning, likewise space.

Time and space are both caused by matter. Merely looking at the definition of the universe, it is obvious that it is caused as far as science is involved. The universe actually began to exist and was caused.

If you all agree with this, then apply my former post and see why God is the cause of the universe.

(c) Eterigho Oghenekome Humphrey.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Logical proofs of the existence of God.

Does God exist?

The hand of God figuratively creating the universe.

As far as the origin of the universe is concerned, the question of how it came to be is an ageless muse for both creationists and atheists alike. While the creationist simply asserts that God created it thanks to information received by the acting of their faith, the creationist still calls it mystery how it all came to be.

The atheist of modern time would say there is no evidence that the creator of the world exists and that's why the word atheism exists in the first place. They cling to what is classified as part of science, the search for how the universe came to be by cosmologists, astrophysicists and astronomists. Well the astronomists, cosmologists and astrophysicists have over time been on their toes trying to make count the trust bestowed on them by the atheists. They have over time given suggestions and have been processing in a direction that implies that the universe in its earliest state was a quantum field that somehow managed to create particles that survived the fact that antiparticle and particle are created. In due time, such particles that survived became matter and that matter soon formed the first stars and in a nut the Big Bang began.

Funny thing with the theory is that when scientists are faced with the question "How come the quantum field?" they either say the laws of physics don't apply at the pre-matter universe or they bluntly say they don't know. Now if currently the honest scientists cling to the "I don't know" stance, atheists often bend over to the side of logic and say, no logical reason to believe in the creator or to prove Him. But today I object to that. The very existence of the created thing is the evidence for the existence of its creator. Logic proves God exists. Below is my theory.

My Logical Proof Of God.

(1) Logic tells us that whatever begins to exist must have a cause. Even in quantum levels, causes and effects apply. Particles popping in and out of existence are caused by energy fluctuations in the quantum field, hence they are caused.

(2) The idea that the universe had it's earliest beginning in an imaginary time when no matter existed but a quantum field is still subject to the question "what caused the quantum field?"

(3) If you say the quantum field and it's energy was  uncaused, that's contrary to the logic which humans use and is special pleading fallacy. Thus human or natural logic is as limited as the human mind which created it . In this case we can say the beginning or cause of the universe is something that disobeys natural logic. That's the best logical stance. Because anything other than that is illogical.

(4)But saying an entity exists that doesn't obey natural logic technically means it is outside the realm of being disephered by natural logic ,hence it is either below natural logic or above natural logic. If this thing caused what we call natural to exist, the best stance is to say it is above natural logic hence supernatural because it has to be "greater than the natural to cause it" is the better option to take.

(5) Above is the proof of Supernatural from logical stand point. It is that "supernatural cause" we call God.

(6) If you say "why not the quantum field being uncaused?" The quantum field is a natural thing and thus should obey natural logic. 

(c) Eterigho Oghenekome Humphrey.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Poets are Prophets: Faith-Life

Poets are Prophets: Faith-Life: Book Faith-Life book cover. The Christian book titled Faith-Life is currently available at  Amazon Books . Faith-Life is basically...

Help or Remain Captain?

Vikings and the captain being borne ashore by the big fish,
Norsemen arriving from raid

Sailors of seas, they are Danes that hugs seas as pretty-dames
With faith in ship, “Big-fish” that crushes to powder kames
They are talons like flames driving hordes to for guts ail
Users of axes that cause wails, suckers of mead and ale
Swivers of maids with name, raiders of lands others wish
With dawn still green and dim, entering from raid men rot
In lust for share of plunder, plunder many as stars
That gilded Abraham’s sky, men first need heave heft big-fish
But hands for task were shy, pants grew into deep breaths
Sweat waltzed with sweats, their toil was a strive with wind
Hands are needed captain works with lips
In shadow of growls vocals are faint as
Sleep on thorny bed
Captain grabs rod in wet, rod nips the flesh
Salt in tears, sweat sip into mouths
Danes beg mercy of whips
God made Norsemen, captain’s whip made slaves
Minutes grew into hours, hours before dusk now faint
Sun slowly sunk at the west strength slowly turned sour
Lust for plunder still roar, captain’s voice turns hoar
His hands from whipping worn
Amid soggy soil so dour Vikings are lour as men in deserts
Hope slowly away pours
They say “darkest is night if afore dawn, hours are mite”
Lo horse rider draws nigh with bells ringing in joy
Singing “Glory! Glory! Hail! Hail! ‘Of men Light’”
All knees lick earth, a rite for The Captain of captains
Captain of captain’s voice pierces “What’s thy plight?”
His voice like the roar of a king among his wights
The vinegar is given him, his face returns a smile
“Why not add might?” king asks “Am Captain” says captain
“Why not lend a ‘widows mite’?” Captain of captain asked
Ere he joins heavers as captain falls in awe of sight
Captain’s mind lost all her right
Work with the most royal dight, tired men find light
At regal fight Big-fish is willing
Then ‘King of captains’ yells
“Help or remain captain which does well?”
“Ah! Pride makes ‘reason’ a blind man” cries captain
As to moor his feet dash light

(c) Eterigho Oghenekome Humphrey.
First published by Nthanda Review.
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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Fruits of First became Last

Fruits of First became Last

The odd one who prefers to listen to a leprous man than to the president.
Odd one
His face was smile-rent, men make tears off dent
He turns tears to gold amid his form, shakily old
And feet blest with leprosy, snow-white and bent
He is the least of citizens if there such a thing be
Election comes, candidates yen win, loathe loss
Seeing via his wilted orb, the bent-feet did toss
“Beholding win and loss is how men grow up”
His syllables winged unwelcome as the grave
After day campaigning, wearily men hug pillow
While in sleep men rot, Oke sat by the bent-feet
Like a wind in midst of a wind bent-feet spoke
Words flow like seas of rapture, only Oke sips
Amidst winds lodging on amidst the treetops
Chasers chased hoping El-dorado was in sight
Amid election chase men tread men, life-force
Deserts souls of the thumped, fittest win fight
First-citizen victor lends his few hale men gold
Aye those souls who wrestled shield by shield
With him with one plea (to fetch him victory)
Few rainy days pass, rust gnaws gold in mass
Shades roam land, from lack men fall as ants
Soon the hale and hearty are told “take heart”
They cry to first-citizen, ‘mine is bare’ he says
Time gave doses of justice to even the giants
But truly showers or dew cannot rust an idea
Though man with bent feet in time turns ash
His words slumber not, they vibrate terribly
Aye! Thunder and lightning of words raved
In Oke’s mind pictures from past did shake
As Oke tasked his odd mind to unearth cure
Lyrics spoke on from bent feet’s silent ash
Lines turn stanzas, stanzas grew into essays
Till his words become full blown goldmines
For with his counsel Oke grew a fecund trade
Vast gain hailed Oke’s trade for ‘twas learnt
By only him and he did face no competition
O! But success is the girl most ached by lads
Now the fruit of tail is ached by men of that
Land tottering on in unsure democratic steps
Aye, the “Fruits of first citizen became last”

(c) Eterigho Oghenekome Humphrey.
Picture courtesy
First published by Nthanda Review.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Life is Energy


Spiritual energy field and the mind which functions in it.
Spiritual energy.

When the question of what life really means is placed on the table, the answers to it are both numerous and diverse yet a great wonder that meets the examiner instantly is that though the answers are numerous and diverse, majority of these answers are correct as well. Hence the meaning of life is the unique question whose answer is far from unique.
Well for me, being a physicist with a near infinite love for creative writing, I consider life as many things and one of those things I consider life as is that life is energy. Life is basically a field where a seeming endless conversation of energy takes place.
Chemical energy in food becomes mechanical energy which men employ in doing various tasks like speech and all that.
Every trade that exists under the sun bears a unique name different from any other but personally I think all trade is basically buying or selling energy. The grocery store owner is basically selling chemical energy, the boxers trade mechanical energy, thermal energy and the likes. The electrical engineer having purchased chemical energy from the grocery store converts it to mechanical energy which in due time is converted to electrical energy. The weapon maker today often converts nuclear energy to heat energy in proportions that exterminate life. Life is basically a  field where energy is traded daily. Both matter and non matter partake in this cosmic trade,  galactic bodies are not exempted.
Being in many ways a writer, I have long wondered what form of energy is traded by a writer, a public speaker and the likes. A writer could write a book about cooking or making a car, these are written energy which when acted out become full blown energy conversations. A preacher or public speaker does same, and when their advice is acted out, physical energy is often the result.
But what about a writer of fictional stories, a writer of inspirational poetry, what form of energy do they trade? These professions trade inspirations to the mind, inspirations that do not necessarily involve physical energy. If life is a field where energy is traded, then I say writers of inspirational poetry trade either mental energy or spiritual energy. Because their traded energy often cannot be touched but only felt by the sixth sense.
Poetry in its glory days thrived on the potency spiritual energy can own when it grows in a mind that believes in it. The prophetic parts of spiritual books like the Christian Bible were written using poetic languages, just to prove my point.

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Written by Eterigho Oghenekome Humphrey. His Christian non fiction book titled Faith-Life is currently available at Amazon Books.

Thursday, 11 January 2018



River fated to flow till sun falls from the sky and dries it up.
River waiting the sun to fall from the sky.

Do winy-rivers of water ever have a destination
Is it its fate to glide, waft and never halt to rave
To descend jagged rocks, picking shingles along
To waltz amid sinewy wings of tides and waves
To be beaten atop the shore by finger of nature
Till the sun falls from the sky and dries it up
Somehow I think the rivers and men are alike
Fruits-of-Eve waltz on betwixt cares and aches
Descending jagged paths, ferrying gores along
Till death falls from the sky and dries them up
So in this unceasing trip I toed on waiting death
For centuries thought by men as the destination
But then at last I chanced-on that the rivers have
A destination other than sun falling from the sky
When I chanced-on she plucked from my rib cage
They say wedlock is having a companion to fly
With us as we toe waiting death to fall from sky
But nay, the river’s destination is also the ocean
Like she is also my destination, not a companion
My path is gone, my destination is your visage

(c)  Eterigho Oghenekome Humphrey.
Picture courtesy
First published by Nthanda Review.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Passion Versus Talent


When passion and talent become parallel lines.
When passion and talent are lovers destined to never meet.

Life is such a place that is filled with the awkward things like people created with one leg desiring to be sprinters yet nature does not permit their course.
Personally I love music, I have loved to be a singer lifelong and at a short flash of time I tried my hands on it. When the craze to finally make my passionate affair with music turn reality touched my soul, at a time while my book titled Faith-Life was still an unfinished manuscript, I began writing songs and recording them, trying to get best yield from the limited recording instruments within my reach. Even the host of Hell who are accustomed to a chorus of endless, tuneless wailing could tell that my voice was terrible I guess.
Still ushered by my passion, I joined the Church Choir at an unusually late age. I was new in that particular congregation and thus when I joined the choir, they assumed I was a professional. I managed to dazzle the choir leaders during my first rehearsal with the Choir and since they thought I was a professional, they hastily gave me a part to solo at the next Church program. The next day, our last rehearsal before my presentation I was called to present my solo and surely I failed woefully, all night I missed the key. Nevertheless the Choir will not take my solo role from me lest they break my confidence.
On the day fated for the Church program, I sang to one of the largest crowd I have ever stood before till date. Somehow it went well but that was the limelight of my singing career; because down the line it was obvious the passion was not my talent.
My singing kept bringing yawns to my friends but my writings made some jaws drop once in a while. It was daily becoming obvious that singing was not made for me.
Not all passions in our hearts are designed to be pursued. Some passions are even designed to keep us humble, aye there are countless mystical reasons why a legless man bearing a passion to be a sprinter might just be a good thing. Nevertheless some passions if pursued brings the worse. Believe it or not majority of men out there are driven by passions, some passionate about crime and such.  Such passions are wrong and taken mostly from the poisoned ether we currently inhabit.
Aside singing, I have like many out there had other passions fail to be reality, some of which are not caused by a lack of talent but by a lack of chance or opportunity. Passion without talent cannot take you far yet talent without opportunity is a wingless bird. I am often called a good footballer, football aka soccer has been a  sport I have loved lifelong but life has never given me a chance to go for a trial or to pursue this lifelong dream.

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Written by Eterigho Oghenekome Humphrey.